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Fusion Middleware Administration

Fusion Middleware Administration

Interact with organizations through an increasing number of technology interfaces—including mobile, cloud-based, and on-premises applications.

Today, customers interact with organizations through an increasing number of technology interfaces. Most companies build these interfaces individually and reactively, making it difficult to respond rapidly to business changes brought on by the fluctuating customer, market, and regulatory demands. Middleware technologies can help by providing a flexible layer between applications and technologies.

Fusion Middleware Administration involves application deployment, high availability, Load Balancing, Management, scalability, diagnosis, and different activities. This is managed with the help of Fusion Middleware Control. Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control (Fusion Middleware Control) is a Web browser-based, a graphical user interface that you can use to monitor and administer a farm or cluster.

These tools can be used to start, stop Oracle Weblogic Server instances. Deploy Java-based application. Configure clusters in a farm and modify parameters. Also, this can be used to monitor performance.

There are different components involved like Oracle Identity Management, Application Development Framework, Forms, Oracle Portal, Oracle HTTP, and Webcache.

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