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.net Architect

Profile description:

  • A hard-core .net architect with an experience that acts as back up for new projects and a great resource for the IT team.

  • We invite leaders with the vision to handle newer projects and responsibility to complete them efficiently.

  • A team player with excellent communication skills to bring out best in each of the team members to deliver timely high-quality outcomes.

  • A passionate IT professional who is always up to date with the newest information and simultaneously has a strong basic knowledge.

  • A brainstormer, a problem solver, an achiever, if these terms resonate with you we welcome you to join us at Hum IT.

Key responsibility area:

  • Effectively lead business teams to deliver and support software solutions.

  • Design software systems with various Microsoft technologies and ensure compliance to all architecture requirements.

  • Design and implement complex, distributed applications using REST, enterprise service bus, message queues and workflows.

  • Integrate existing software with external, third-party APIs.

  • Develop and establish architectural standards, principles, and methodology for all deliverables.

  • Review application team designs and models and monitor developer code for quality and security.

  • Review infrastructure related issues and recommend solutions.

  • Assist the developer team on all governance activities.

  • Maintain coordination with architects and analysts and update technical knowledge.

  • Efficiently identify and find a    solution to a problem and effectively communicate the workarounds.

  • Use the knowledge and experience to proactively respond to the business needs.

Desired experience:

  • 10+ years hands-on, the experience of:

  1. Object-oriented development

  2. .NET web application development

  3. Microsoft SQL Server database design, development and application

  • Recent experience with SQL Server 2012+.

  • Familiar working with version control systems (e.g. GIT, SVN or TFS)

  • Experience developing services/APIs and consuming services (APIs. RESTful preferred).

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