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.net Consultant

Profile Description:

  1. A refined analyst that is able to gauge the suitability of the technology to the organization’s business.

  2. An eternal learner who grasps new skills to stay updated with technology and readily takes on higher responsibilities.

  3. An active team member that rolls up the sleeves and take on the tasks that are required for timely deliverables.

  4. A leader with a strong sense of integrity and accountability.

 If above-stated qualities define you. We are ready to meet you.


Key responsibility area:

  • Evaluate architecture design and provide appropriate consultation to .NET teams

  • Analyze technical documents, identify problems (if any) in the application and provide fitting consultation to resolve the same.

  • Provide spot on consultation for application-  development, support, enhancements or bug fixing

  • Ability to translate functional requirements into technical design

  • Closely work with the entire team to ensure smooth completion of projects


Desired Experience:

  • 5+ years of hands-on experience of but not limited to :

  1. Creating and managing ASP .NET, MVC or Microsoft Azure projects

  2. Developing new application with .NET 4.5 / ASP.NET / VB.NET / SQL Server 2012 or 2014.

  3. Proficiency in hosting  new application as well as developing new functionality on existing software products

  4. Varied agile project management techniques, software and tools.

  5. Data Integration from various databases and backend services.

  • Familiar with CQRS  and Roslyn

  • Well- versed with SOLID or REST

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