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Java Architect

Profile description:

  1. An architect that boasts his skills of building enterprise-grade applications that are scalable and high-performing.

  2. A planner and executer with impeccable time management skills.

  3. A team player, a healthy competitor, a troubleshooter, a benchmark maker.

If the above description is ‘You’. We welcome you to meet us.


Key responsibility area :

  • Efficiently gather system and user requirements for building Java modules and test the features prior to release.

  • Effectively deploy and maintain functional, secure and high-quality applications.

  • Well-versed with development practices (TDD, principles and patterns, continuous integration).

  • Work in synergy with other developers and teams to prioritize and delegate tasks throughout the lifecycle of software development.

  • Ability to write efficient codes and also review, test and debug codes created by self or another developer.

  • Willing to learn and work on upcoming technology for the betterment of a project/organization.


Desired Experience:

  • 5+ years of:

  1. Experience in developing web Applications using OOPs Concepts, Java, J2EE, UI technologies, Junit/Nose unit Tests and SQL.

  2. Hands-on experience working with web services, UI technologies, SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle Database, advanced SQL server database experience.

  3. Expertise on frameworks like Core Java, JSON, Jquery, SPRING, Hibernate, etc.

  4. Expertise on Web or application server like JBoss application, Apache, WebLogic, Tomcat etc

  5. Experience in using development software such as Atlassian git, SVN, Dynatrace, jRebel.

  • Strong basic knowledge of languages like Scala and/or Python will be an added advantage.

  • Good understanding of SDLC process (Agile/Scrum/ Waterfall).


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