• In current times, goals of any and every industry are data-driven.
  • We monitor your system health, resource allocation and also keep a track of trending and aggregate performance with the help of our third party tool integration.
  • We enhance end-user experience by promptly resolving issues flagged by one of the best-focused dashboards.
  • We have you covered whether you are working in cloud, premises or offline. Reducing any gap between our administrators and you, our valued end users.
  • Rely on Hum IT for customized database administration services with its unique human touch.

Automate routine tasks, provide high-quality data, standardize database performance monitoring, drive greater data availability and become more agile with our proven solutions. We ensure that:

  • Data remains consistent across the database.
  • Data is clearly defined.
  • Users access data concurrently, in a form that suits their needs.
  • There is provision for data security and recovery control (ensuring all data is retrievable in an emergency).

Hum IT creates the best ways to view and act on complex business information. We keep IT organizations in control of business-critical data —no matter how much of it there is. With 3rd party tool integration, does more than SCOM and OMS dashboards—it solves problems. The issue appears clearly in front of you so you can solve it rather than waste time chasing down details and alerts. The uniquely targeted 3rd party dashboards give relevant information that’s customized to the viewer, anywhere, on any device. So whether you’re working in the Microsoft Cloud or on premises, you see issues clearly. Act on them quickly. Remove interruptions efficiently. That’s how data monitoring drives business.