Discover Peace of Mind with Defend360 Security Services

At Hum IT’s Security Services, we prioritize the protection of your Information Systems while upholding stringent privacy standards. That’s why we offer Defend360, a comprehensive service designed to keep you informed about potential vulnerabilities without compromising your privacy.

Defend360 ensures timely notifications whenever new vulnerabilities are identified that may impact your systems. Our bulletins provide detailed information on vulnerability criticality, potential impacts, and recommended corrective actions, all delivered according to your preferred frequency and format.

With Defend360 from Hum IT’s Security Services, you can confidently monitor your systems, proactively mitigating risks while maintaining utmost privacy.

Contact us today to discover how Defend360 can enhance your security posture without sacrificing privacy.

The Process

Few Statistics


Security Vulnerabilities were detected in 2023


Of Vulnerabilities discovered were critical or high.


Of discovered Vulnerabilities in the infra/network/cloud layers were of a critical or high severity