Security Information and Event Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) comprises a collection of tools for integrated log management and monitoring. These tools assist organizations in identifying targeted attacks and potential data breaches. SIEM systems gather and analyze log event data from various sources, including devices, infrastructure, systems, and applications, to spot any unusual or suspicious activity within networks. In case of such anomalous behavior, the system generates alerts for further investigation.

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How can a managed SIEM service from Hum IT help?

Companies investing in SIEM may find it challenging to handle without a sizable team of security experts for deploying the chosen solution and managing the high volume of alerts it generates. Alert fatigue is a common issue, often resulting in crucial alerts being overlooked, and a significant portion of SIEM alerts may be false positives.

With an affordable subscription, Redscan provides the expertise, technology, and intelligence necessary for your organization to maximize SIEM benefits. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) professionals, certified to deploy and manage various SIEM solutions, act as an extension of your in-house team. They enhance threat detection and response capabilities, relieving the constant burden of analyzing and investigating security alerts 24/7.