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Even before the government announced locked down in India, Hum IT took its measures to help our employees beat the crisis. 

We did the following. 

  • Our team started working compulsory from Home.

It was easier to start this because we already believe in remote working policy. 

  • We introduced special work from home allowance

This helped our team to manage their work from home expenses such as electricity bills, wifi charges etc. 

  • Revisited our Mediclaim policy.

Hum IT revisited its Mediclaim policy to ensure that COVID 19 illness are covered, not just that we also increased the sum insured amount from 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs. 

  • Leave Policy.

We introduced leave policy where no proof submission is required for sick leaves. 

  • No Pay cut

No salary cut was implied on the employees. Salary was paid as per regular months. 

  • No employee reduction.

We believe in Hiring and naturing talent. Our employees are our ASSET and we capitalise on them, hence there was no employee reduction. We build our team with utmost care and trust their capabilities. They are part of our family and during crisis family take care of each other and that’s what Hum IT did as a responsible family member. 

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