• Unpatched vulnerabilities are missed entrance routes that hackers use to breach networks. These incidents occur when security teams fail to patch a vulnerability in a widely used software and it becomes an attack vector for ransomware.
  • In 2021, there was a reported 29% rise in the exploitation of CVEs associated with ransomware. Ransomware gangs are leveraging zero-day vulnerabilities and taking advantage of older and lesser-known vulnerabilities that organizations have been slow to identify and patch. Similarly, in 2022 unpatched vulnerabilities were involved in 60% of data breaches. And that even 62% wasn’t aware of vulnerabilities in their organizations prior to a breach?  Unpatched vulnerabilities are a threat to your digital environment. Securing your digital environment is more important than ever. Human Touch of IT can help protect your business against these attacks by providing:
  •  24/7 support  • Provide resources and expertise• Integrate technology and solutions Want to know more?Contact: #WeDream #WeBelieve #WeMakeItHappen #WeAreHumIT #Cybersecurity #vulnerabilities #databreaches

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