It was Henry Ford who introduced the 8-hour shift in the 1900s. This might still work in manufacturing, but in the service industry this way of working is no longer contemporary. Service companies that stick to fixed working hours during fixed days, risk losing to competition that offers flexible work. 

According to a study by Adobe, a whopping 51% of employees want complete flexibility when it comes to their work schedule. Younger generations find this self-autonomy imperative. 73% of Millennials say they would switch to another job if there was more flexibility, provided the pay and job description stayed the same. 

Remote work goes beyond letting your employees choose where they work. It also means letting them decide when they work. In several industries, employees are collaborating with partners from different time zones. So why would you constrain yourself and your employees? 

It is safe to say that the competition in the labor market has never been greater than it is now. Without the right company culture, your business can easily get sidelined. As they say, a service company is only as strong as the quality of its employees. But is it necessary to continuously challenge your competitors on the IT labor market? 

At Hum IT we put you in touch with the IT experts who can add value to your business. We are not any other IT offshoring company, that has pure focus on cost reduction, delegating standard tasks and repetitive work from Europe to abroad. We can assist you with project management and consultancy as well.

Our key focus is quality, not cost. 

We built a European-Indian community where people are connected professionally and personally, assuring smooth administrative and social integration. This concept of a happy ecosystem is supported by our core value, the ‘Human Touch’ of IT. We offer Indian talent for Europe, in return we give back to Indian society. 

Remote working is a driving factor for us. Hopefully soon for your business too!
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