Pandemic is a certainly a challenge but, at the same time Managers are facing a challenge in managing their teams, remotely. We as managers are capable of contributing to this new working culture. By practicing effective team management we can contribute towards making the business sustainable and progressive.

We can make it better, effective, and productive by following the Six best practices to Manage our teams.

Tip#1. Trust

Trust your team members. It is very important that as a manager you trust your fellow team members. Give your team members free hand to work independently. Micromanagement might frustrate your team, adversely affecting their productivity level.

Tip#2. Goals and expectations

The task/goals/expectation should be clearly assigned and communicated to the individual team members. A regular follow-up meeting on the task assigned will help the team members to work efficiently and meet the goals. Effective communication of goals and expectations will solve half the problems

Tips#3. Flexible Working

Managers should allow the team to work accordingly to their comfortable work timings. Not each one of us has completely adapted to the changing work culture yet.

Do not be rigid on the number of hours worked or the fixed time of working. Remember, focus on output will help improve productivity.

Tip#4. Set Team Contact Program

Fix a day in a week and nos. of hours for one-on-one meeting and team meetings. All the task assigned to the team members can be discussed during these meetings. To begin with this meeting first few minutes should be spend to discuss the personal wellbeing of the team members. At the same time be flexible and available to your team member during the decided office hours for ease of contact.

Meeting should to be conducted via video call to ensure the body language and the message is correctly interpreted by manager as well as the team Members.


Tip#5. Invest in Technology and Tools

Managers need to ensure that their team members are equipped with the tools and technology required to perform their give task efficiently and in time at their homes.

Tip# 6. Encourage Best Performances

Continue with the celebration of achievements the same way it is done while in the office. The achievements can be announced during the team call and the goodies can be send online.

Not just the achievements but birthday and special occasions should be celebrated online to collaborate with the team members efficiently and keep the morale of the members high, even while working remotely.

Follow the simple six tips to manage your remote team members and reap the benefits for the growth of your team and the company.

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