Recruitment-Best-Practices (1)

IT consultants are in high demand and recruiting top talent can be a challenge. Hiring the best possible engineer and taking Hum IT to the next level is a challenging task.

To ensure we succeed and take the right decision we consider the following factors while making hiring decisions.

1. Experience:

A candidate with a proven track record in a similar kind of role is given priority while selected. This does not primarily mean that only experience on paper is given importance, we consider experience as an important factor but without ignoring the fact that sometimes the caliber of the candidates is far more vital compared to on-paper experiences.

2. Potential:

The potential of a candidate is the differentiating factor when doing the selection. In case we encounter some candidates, who seem promising, but don’t have much track record or with less on-the-job experience have the chance of being selected and becoming part of Hum IT.

3. Technical Skills:

Candidates should have impressive soft skills, especially communication skills.

Technical skills are required for the role to be performed, they are measurable, easy-to-define skills that candidates have learned at school or in past jobs. When hiring candidates, technical skills are a must to have, and we cannot ignore them.

4. Soft Skills

Candidates should have impressive soft skills, especially communication skills. They should be confident enough to express themselves and put forward their viewpoints.

Communication skills are essential as they allow others and yourself to understand information more accurately and quickly.

5. Cultural Fit

When employees are a good cultural fit, they’ll be happier at work, which helps reduce turnover and increase productivity. Hence while covering the assessment of the above factors during the interview, we make certain to assess the cultural fitment of the candidate

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