Digital Transformation with Now Platform continued….

So, this blog post is a continuation of my previous work, which I published last week in my first blog in the digital transformation with now platform series.

Almost every release of ServiceNow comes with a lot of surprise elements. And to survive and maintain the monopoly in this ever competitive and venturous market, one needs to keep on enhancing the existing features, and introduce new products to drive the business towards the future for a better tomorrow. Now let’s quickly have a look on a couple of features and products which makes ServiceNow distinct from other similar platforms.

Guided app creator – Low code/ No code: It’s as easy peasy as it sounds. This feature enables and empowers the user to create an application with “Guided app creator” without even writing a single line of code for mobile development. It provides you with a guided setup, which will help you to configure and build your app in a fast and friendly wizard. It comes with sensible defaults, which make the app development experience even more mesmerising. However, the developer can build and add more features using flow designer, studio and team development later as per user’s requirement. One more feature to be observed is, that an application can be created based on the spreadsheet that you have





Vendor manager workspace : This is a new application in ServiceNow NewYork release, which provides the ease of navigating through all vendor related information in a single workspace. It helps in viewing and managing vendor information, performance and data. Admins or users possessing the admin role, can use this space to configure vendor metric(Calculate and view the average Performance score of a vendor’s service offerings.) and score weight (View and monitor the overall health of your vendor via the Vendor Score.). And can also define and add vendors. You can decide your the performance metrics and manage it all. Vendor Manager Workspace is available as a separate subscription by ServiceNow and activating the Vendor Manager Workspace plugin (com.snc.vlm.vmw) enables you to access, configure, and use the workspace for vendor management and monitoring. The key features include :

  •  Vendor Directory
  •  Vendor Profile

Integration with:

  • Service Owner Workspace
  • Continual Improvement Management
  • Assessments
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Performance Breakdowns

Instance data replication (IDR) : How catchy it might sound, this new application comes with a few restrictions, and as advised by ServiceNow, this application shouldn’t be used to clone instances. Because it doesn’t replicate metadata and many users table as well. This copies data from one instance (producer) to other target instances (consumer). The data can be replicated as it is or can be modified during the replication as well. IDR supports replication of field-level data between instances. The features include :

  • Automatic replication of data onto one or more other instances.
  • Transform replication data
  • Trigger workflows after replications
  • Bi-directional replication

Instance Data Replication requires a separate subscription and activation by ServiceNow personnel.

Note: Instance Data Replication (IDR) is not available for customers that are in Federal Data Centers.

(Ref: Servicenow product docs)

To conclude, I have tried to cover the other new applications and features that are being rolled off with the ServiceNow NewYork release. This is the second blogpost in the digital transformation with now platform series, and the next blog will be about all the enhancements and new features that have been incorporated in the ITOM module of ServiceNow, and probably the last one in this series.

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Happy Learning,

Sovit Keshari

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