Digital Transformation with Now Platform.

Let’s begin to understand the true essence of “Digital Transformation” first. What exactly is meant by a digital transformation?

Digital transformation is leveraging digital technology across all the areas of business, which in turn adds more value to the customers and empowers an organization. It’s about change, which fundamentally transforms the way a business is operated and perceived.

“Digitally driven business is the future and will be sustainable”

Now coming to the ServiceNow platform. I had the pleasure to attend the Now at work 19 event organized by ServiceNow on 15th October in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The opening keynote was addressed by the President and CEO of ServiceNow, Mr John Donahoe and the key focus of the event was around 3 aspects of a business.

  1. IT workflow
  2. Employee workflow
  3. Customer workflow.

Got to know about the new features and products which are planned to be launched in the upcoming releases.

To begin with, how to simplify complex business issues with the help of Now platform. Servicenow introduced 3 products that can be operated through mobile apps. You can download these apps for Apple iOS or Google Android from the iTunes Store or the Google Play store. The first one is Now mobile, the second one is Mobile onboarding and the third one is Agent Mobile.




Now mobile app: It gives the liberty to view, approve the request with just a tip of the finger. It saves you from the hassle of logging into some system to approve a request. It also provides prioritized task lists and easy task assignments. You can also block available meeting rooms with the help of the application on the mobile platform and much more.

Mobile onboarding app: It takes care of all the onboarding activities for new hires, starting from pre-hire onboarding activities to post-hire activities, All of it can be done on the mobile. It even takes care of the signing of the electronic documents and provides an option to chat with HR personnel.

Agent mobile app: This app when installed and logged in, displays a set of applications available. Some of them are provided by ServiceNow and some can be developed by the admin team according to the business needs. Each of the applications contains mini-apps called applets. As an example, You can check the status of incidents, update and keep an eye on the whereabouts.


  Integrationhub: They also introduced the 2nd version of the Integrationhub, which can help integrate ServiceNow with almost everything. Integrationhub enables the execution of third-party APIs as a part of a flow when a specific event occurs in ServiceNow. These integrations, are referred to as spokes, are easy to configure and enable you to quickly add powerful actions without the need to write any script.

Another very interesting addition to the New York release is Natural language understanding, a virtual agent that actually understands you and responds accordingly. This is an OOTB functionality, with natural conversations and a flexible dictionary.



Moving on to the next feature, which is my personal favorite. Language has always been a barrier in business and to bridge this gap, ServiceNow has introduced a Dynamic translation feature, which removes the language barrier and provides real-time text translations. You need to activate the Dynamic translation plugin to enable all the required APIs and the activities performed thereafter by this feature :

  • Translate user-entered text from a source language to a target language
  • Detect the language of the input text




Agents workspace: Boost productivity with applied intelligence for everyday work. The features include:

  • A multi-tab interface to help agents efficiently manage multiple cases or incidents on one screen
  • Real-time handling of calls and chats via Interaction Management System
  • Task resolution assistance via Agent Assist
  • Intuitive search capabilities enabling agents to quickly find relevant content
  • Heads up display of contextual information helping agents quickly get oriented to the task at hand.

(Ref: Servicenow product docs)

To conclude, this is my first blog post in this “Digital Transformation with Now Platform”. I have tried to cover a few of the new features and products that are introduced with the ServiceNow New York release. ServiceNow is continuously striving to deliver the best digital solutions for the entire business value chain. I will be publishing a few more blogs on the New York release in the near future. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog.

Please feel free to share your feedback as this is my first blog post on ServiceNow.

Happy Learning,

Sovit Keshari

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