All companies in Belgium are looking for IT experts. This is of course an exaggeration, but not too far from the truth. Owing to the short spread of Belgium, a technology expert will have at least 2-3 offers in hand. This is the current state of Belgium IT market, and something you have to deal with as a recruiter, a business owner, a CEO or a CIO. 

In addition, the overall job vacancies in Belgium have gone back to the pre-pandemic levels. As a result, there is a huge demand-supply gap between the IT experts and businesses in Belgium. This in turn has resulted into increased time to fill the open positions.  

Large-scale organizations have a massive vendor/supplier network in which one single requirement is shared with ‘50-300 IT-Suppliers’ at a time. IT consultants are bombarded through various channels like LinkedIn InMail, LinkedIn Connection request, Cold calls, Email Campaigns and what not. This contributes to a fierce competition among IT-recruiters to attract the right person. 

After sensing this inflated demand, the candidate can tactically raises his/her tariff. In the IT sector in the Netherlands, pay rates have gone up significantly, rising from around €80 per hour in 2019 to the current rate of €109 an hour. This high demand for tech workers and limited number of available candidates is resulting in companies offering higher pay across Europe 

The most sought-after technologies in Belgium currently are: Software developers, ServiceNow Consultants, Functional analysts, Business analysts, Data scientists, and Cybersecurity experts. We have these profiles available and on standby to help you. No need to make huge investments, with the risk of losing your employee to a competitor. Does that sound great? Just contact us.


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