• It is expected that the aging of the population in Belgium will last until at least 2035. For every 100 people who leave the labor market, only 82 will enter. As a result, it takes a lot of investments and courage to hire new profiles, because due to the high demand for highly skilled IT profiles, employees stand stronger than ever.
  • Due to the “war for talent” certain profiles are no longer tenable. Dare to look beyond the national borders for talent, because the traditional way of recruiting has a lot of disadvantages over working remote. The cost of retention of old and/or existing resources is way higher and the dependency of a single profile can lead to probable handicap.
  • With our IT experts you can immediately call on the expertise you need, you don’t have to make big investments or take risks. On top of that the remote model is a proven and successful algorithm for generating higher revenues. So why wait?
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